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For this project, I experimented with different methods of creating irregular readability using type in circular motion. I explored techniques such as Thaumatropes, Strobescope, and Zoetrope, and built machines to sustain the circular motion required for these experiments. By adjusting typographical elements, I aimed to create an illusion of readability or illegibility. I printed these "amended" glyphs on the circular element of the machine and documented my findings in a type specimen booklet, as well as several small booklets that detail the experiments.

Thaumatrope Method
Strobescope Method
Zoetrope Method

Experimental Typography Course, Shenkar, 2018 | Guidance: Nadav Barkan


As a yearly tradition, I create a digital postcard to celebrate the start of the Jewish New Year in September. Through these projects, I explore the boundaries of Hebrew typography and experiment with creating unique typographical units using simple shapes and grids.

Personal Project, 2019


Collaboration with Nir Halali, Audiovisual Generative Installation consisting of projected graphics that respond to live music. The installation is controlled by a midi-keyboard that enables transitions between graphics and effects.

Watch full video here

Audiovisual laboratory, Shenkar, 2019 | Guidance: Ben Benhorin, Ofir Liberman. Music: Zaïre, Garden City Movement


The project “The Alphabetical Room” is a systematic exploration into the boundaries and limits of writing within a strictly calculated mathematical three dimensional grid within the flat digital space. Treating the three dimensional grid in the second dimensional digital space was always an intriguing matter for graphic designers, programmers, creative coders and visual artists.

Starting from Josef-Müller Brockmann’s grid proposal for the design of interior spaces in 1961, the perspective of the viewer changes throughout the pages of the leaflet as does the resolution of the three dimensional grids in which the hypothetical letterforms are displayed. In addition I wrote a short introductory essay on the historical and on-going fascination of graphic designers, programmers, creative coders and visual artists on that topic.
TDC 69, TDC Typography Winner
TDC Tokyo award nominee
Featured in It’s Nice That  
Created as a part of "Letter shapes are entirely described by numbers"
HAW Hamburg, Masters program, 2021 - 2022, 55GSM newsprint, 350x500mm, published through Display-Pantograph | Guidance: Prof. Pierre Pané-Farré


Various artworks & posters from the archive.

Personal Projects


Poster serie made from politicians portraits. 

Personal Project, 2018-2019
Original photograph of Benjamin Netanyahu by Platon
Original photograph of Mahmoud Abbas by Medea
Original photograph of Donald Trump by Finlay Macky/Trunk Archive

Image Credits: Store Closing Everything Must Go, Safe-Sex, Austerity Baking Brand, Kleen (P. 1, 2) and Typography in Circular Motion (P. 1, 9) were shot by Keith Glassman. The Alphabetical Room was shot by Michael Kohls. Fahrenheit 451 was shot by Revital Topiol. The Road Begins in Capernaum shot by robstolk®.

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