"Treating the three dimensional grid in the second dimensional digital space was always an intriguing matter for graphic designers, programmers, creative coders and visual artists. The existential questions about the grid - where does it exist, How it creates an alternative non-existing space but simultaneously existing as a room that works on the same principles of physics and space, yet creates an illusionary space that does not really take any space at all. In this project (The Alphabetical Room) I have tried to explore the three dimensional grid - to explore its boundaries and limits and to play and lose control on a strictly calculated mathematical grid. Moreover I have tried to examine in which “space” the three dimensional grid acts and reacts when it is created and manipulated in a digital space.
Created as a part of "Letter shapes are entirely described by numbers"
HAW Hamburg, Masters program
Guidance: Prof. Pierre Pané-Farré
55GSM newsprint, 350x500mm, self publication